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Ideas with the orientation sensor?

What are some neat ways to use the orientation sensor? It detects which side of Twine is facing up, away from gravity's pull. Here's a couple:
- Detect when the garage door is closed.
- Detect when the oven door has been opened.
- Send a different email message with your status assigned to each side. Right before you leave work, flip Twine on its side to let your significant other you're on your way home.
- Use to turn rules on/off from Twine itself; only send an email reporting a temperature change when Twine is on its right side.

Any others?


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  • I love the garage door option! But, I'd need a new rule structure that lets me have this:"Send me a text if the garage door has been open for more than 10 minutes".
  • I duct taped one to my mailbox lid (it opens from the top). So I should get an email everyday when my mail arrives at home. I am waiting for the disturbance rule so I can know when UPS knocks on my door and leaves a package. That way if they drop something expensive off at 9am, I can go home for lunch and take it inside.
  • Chris, click on 'options' and check out "trigger after __ seconds in this orientation". That should do what you want. (Suggestions for better wording are always welcome.)
  • Just tried that. Set the trigger after to 600 seconds, and left the reset at .1. Set it to send me a text message. I got "compile error". Tried setting the reset to 1200. Same. Also, with an update frequency of 1 minute, what is the value of .1 second resolution on the setpoints?
  • Tried again, and it seems to work (didn't really do anything different).
  • Glad it's working now. I'll try to find in the logs why you got that compile error.

    Resolution is technically .2 seconds. Twine reports every minute if nothing special happens, but is checking its rules 5 times a second. The act of reporting is what burns the majority of power.
  • I thought about mounting mine to my mailbox and using the magnetic switch to tell when it opened, but I was afraid the mailman and/or neighbors would think I was wiring a bomb or something. lol. I didn't even think of using the orientation sensor for this. Good idea!
  • Kevin- Lol! You are right- it would look very suspicious. I can see the bomb squad detonating your mailbox...

    I am thinking a light sensor in the top rear of the mailbox. Then it can be discreet.
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