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Twine Dashboard not recognizing my sensors?

I connect both the moisture sensor and the magswitch sensor to the twine with the included white cable, but the twine does not appear to recognize the sensor in the web app - am I missing something?


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  • Several users, myself included, have failed to push the cable plug far enough into either the twine or the sensor to make it register.
  • alas, that doesn't appear to be the issue. I've applied a decent of force on the cable. Twine itself is definitely working, it understands orientation without any difficulty.
  • I'm having the same problem - my Twine will not recognize any of the sensors I plug in. Has anyone found a cause or fix for this issue?
  • When all else fails, suspect the cable! Someone has posted a suggestion on availability of cheap dollar store cables that seem to work, but I can't find the link at the moment. But if none of the sensors work, that's what I would replace.
  • Once the sensor does come up and it is registered I unplug the sensor from twine and the moisture picture goes away. Does sensor only work when connected to twine?
  • How could it work when not connected? It doesn't have a separate transmitter in the sensor.
  • Bob, your sensor needs to stay connected to the Twine via the cable because it gets it's power from it and also monitor/action any of the rules etc. I have seen a couple of people on here confused about such things. The Twine is wireless but the sensors are not, they need remain attached to the Twine via the supplied cable.
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