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Magnetic switch/sensor not sending email/sms on open or close.

I have a Twine with the Magnetic switch/sensor. I have the magnetic sensor on a drawer with the magnet right next to it. I set a rule for "on open" for the switch, but I rarely get an email when I open the drawer.

- The magnet is RIGHT NEXT TO the sensor.
- I've tried closing the drawer, waiting various times, up to 5min before opening it.
- Once open, I've tried leaving it open for several seconds (BUT this trigger should be instant since a drawer or door may open/close quickly).

I have received an email:
- Once when opened.
- TWICE while door was closed, in a room by itself for at least 2hrs. So it wasn't a delayed email.

- I set an Orientation rule, which fires just fine, so far.

I bought it for the magnetic sensor, so if this what I can expect, it will have to go back :(

Note: Currently battery powered, but going to try micro usb powered to see if it makes a difference.

Any suggestions?



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  • Add the "LED - let there be light" rule to your rules. That way you'll be able to tell if the change was detected or if the problem was in sending the email.
  • Low batteries seem to be the culprit. I just read on another topic not to assume that the batteries are fully charged and that seems to be good advice.

    I replaced the batteries and everything seems to be working.

    Peter, thanks for the advice, good/quick way to test some things out.
  • Miguel,

    I have a mag switch as well and am looking for ways to use it. Can you post a link to a photo of your set up? I'd like to see how you secured the mag switch down. Was considering designing a housing for the board so it's not exposed all the time.
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