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Using Twine to address my absent-mindedness

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I only rarely park inside my garage, or ride my scooter which is stored therein. Since it isn't a habit, I occasionally drive (or ride) away, only realizing miles down the road that I can't remember if I closed my garage door.

So, with the help of a blue glitter pipe cleaner (I have kids, and you make use of what you have around) through the casing hole, I've strapped my Twine to the inside of the garage door. When I open or close the door, Twine notifies me to let me know I've opened/closed it, so no more worrying all day or turning around to double-check.

There have been issues; T-Mobile texts aren't reliable (not very useful getting the closure message at midnight when I closed it at 9am), so I've switched to email, and this morning I got an extra "close" email without matching "open" one, even though I didn't open the garage. On the whole, though, it's been great.
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