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Using Twine to monitor a small enterprise data center

currently I use an old laptop with a USB temperature probe and some bits of freeware to monitor my company's small server room. With the twine I hope to monitor temperature, moisture and detect when the server room door is opened.
Some functionality is missing though unless someone can advise me otherwise.
I need a daily (at least) heartbeat message so that I know the thing is working. Is there any way to create a time based rule? Not yet afaics
I would like to be able to insert data into my update emails, so, for example, if the temperature goes above 28C I want to know just how hot it is. I don't want to set a rule for every possible temperature, just have the email that's generated include the actual temperature at the time. the most flexible way would be to allow the use of !sensor value! as a macro in the email text where sensor value can be one of temperature, humidity, orientation etc.
Next I want to be able to use "not" in a rule e.g. the twine is "not" on its back - that's simpler than a rule to cover all the other possible orientations.
I would like to be able to set a "cleared" checkbox in a rule which sends another message when the situation is resolved. in other words if the rule is to send an email when the temperature goes above 28c, then a clear message would be sent when it went back below.
And the very last thing I want for Christmas is a current sensor to wrap around the main power line, so that if the power goes, then while the UPS is still keeping things alive I get a death squawk.

Cool device though - so much potential
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