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Profiling temperature

I'd like to use Twine to profile the temperature in my attic. At the moment it seems like I could do that by having Twine submit the current temp to a webserver every handful of minutes, but it's not an area I have any experience in. It'd be great if could report historical results.

I'll probably do the same in the garage, with the added benefit of having the Twine there warn me by SMS if the garage door has been open for a long time.

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  • That is basically what I am doing. I had to write a php site to receive the data from their site. It archives that data for trending. The current problem is that they don't have a rule structure that raises notifications at each change.
  • I've done the same as Chris, though I can do whatever I want with the data as it comes in (like generate other events that Twine doesn't) and generate spiffy little graphs. I'll post the code and a blog post shortly.
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