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In simple terms. How do I get Twine to write on Twitter?

I suspect it's a bit of code. 

Can anyone guide me through this please.



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  • You can wait for the update from supermechanical.  They will integrate that functionality.

    You could do something like this.  I have twine text me when my front door opens via the mag switch.

    Have twine send to gmail.  That works well enough.  

    Have watch for mail from your twine.

    When received, then post to twitter or whatever.      


    I find there's a 1 to 5 minute delay from twine's event till I get it in my text message.  
  • Yoyo... Is the gmail address you suggest above only for this sole function..?
  • I used the Http request with a API key from Thingstweet. 

    Code looks like this

    HOWEVER and this is the biggest rub- you only get about 9 characters. The field doesn't allow for more characters. Anyone have a solve on this?

  • Follow up the last "I just" was taken from my test- that's the total amount of characters you get.

  • I see there's a Twitter option now in rules. After selecting it I can select a Twitter account, then accept Twine as am authorized user of the said account, specify the tweet messages, save the ruleset...but no tweets come out. The same stuff with email as sending method works. Bummer.
  • Jaakko, try resaving your rule. If that doesn't work send us a message at
  • I've resaved the rule several times, and also changed the Twine batteries to fresh ones. Just sent you a message via
  • ...aaand problem solved, I had some non-ascii characters (äö) in the tweets, which failed the operation. Without them this works!

    There's though one of ["#Twine", "\||Twine", "/Twine/"] attached automatically to the tweets, I don't quite like that, could it be optional? :) 
  • Glad to hear that solved the problem temporarily! John should non-ascii characters working soon.

    We attach the Twine bits on the end because Twitter won't let you send out the same Tweet multiple times, so the appendage keeps your tweets from getting blocked. If you have a longer Tweet (greater than 128 characters), it won't get added (but your Tweets may not make it through).
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