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Will it ever actually update?

Is it updating? Is it composing a sonata? Is it planning on joining SkyNet? Hell if I know... it's entirely non-verbose, as in quiet, as in "I'd rather not say", as in "mind your own damn business!"

"Flip me over, I'll do it faster - I'll give you no indication what I am doing or whether or not I am actually making every conceivable effort to do it faster. Perhaps I'm just sitting here next to the old scratched up Serious Sam CD you use as a coaster. You could use me as a coaster, perhaps I'll message you when your beer is too warm. You'll never get the message though, because that doesn't really work. Did I mention you should update me? Hey flip me over, wait, no flip me back. I'm sorry, do you want me to go faster or slower? I bet you would love to have an ABOUT link to click to see which firmware I was on. Sucks to be you."

"I'm sensing frustration, which is odd, because I'm suppose to sense vibration - maybe you put my batteries in backwards."

"Knock, knock?"

"Aren't you gonna say who's there? Never mind. Remember that time you plugged me into a moisture sensor and sat me near your sump and waited for me to send you an email when the water level was high? Yeah, those were good times. Wait, what do you mean you never got the email? You didn't get the text either? Dammit, why the hell do I even bother trying to notify you then? Don't be bitter, it's not my fault, I need new firmware, flip me over."

"Whoa, is that a Raspberry Pi? Don't bring that in here, that's not fair. How can I compete with that, I mean, sure it cost less, does more and actually works, but I sense things. Like look, it's 75F in here right now - your fancy little trinket can't do that. Bah, I'm not impressed, just wait till I get my new firmware, then I'll show you something."

"Flip me over."


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  • Hi Rick, 
    If you'll email us at, we can get your Twine working as it should and lower your frustration levels!
  • You keep saying that, but for now at least it does not work properly with what seems to me like a fairly standard network with an Airport Extreme and an Airport Express.  Would you like to come over with some additional routers, and an electrician for additional outlets and ethernet cabling, and get it working?  Or will it ever actually work on a fairly standard network just like all my other devices do?

    I remain extremely frustrated with this device. 
  • I'm having the same problem.

    I'm trying to save a rule. It says "Turn me over to save this ruleset now or wait 114 minutes"

    What does it actually mean by "Turn me over"? Is it just a matter of changing the orientation, or does it need to be moved to a specific orientation (e.g. upside down)?
  • Same problem here.  Not a 'robust' 802.11 connection.  You guys have work to do before this is mainstream.  I've wasted an hour messing with this.  Better firmware and I'll try it again.  for now, it's back in its box. 
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    I flipped it over and nothing happened. 
  • Stephen, your Twine has the latest software now! 

    This is what we mean by "flip Twine over":

  • I have the problem as Stephan Calnan above. I've just recently unboxed my Twine so it's on .9 firmware. It desperately needs an update but there seems to be no way for me to actually get it to update. Help please.
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