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changing batteries

hi folks

i am having problem changing batteries.. sounds silly.. but when the twine complains that it is low on power, i take out the old ones, and pop in the new ones... but during the change, the LED light flashes once, blinks a few times... and then nothing.

after a night, i checked in on the twine only to realise that it is not reporting in.
Took out the batteries, popped it in again, this time making it 2x sure that it sits properly... led light comes on.. flashes... and then nothing...

whats wrong with it?

my twine is mounted in place and i can't flip it around for update or anything but i have access to the battery compartment.
what's the proper procedure of changing batteries?



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  • I took my batteries out a while ago. plugged them back in today to get the vibration update, and everything was happy. When you put them in again, let the light blink and such. Then, after a minute, flip the Twine upside-down. If the light is blinking steady, then you need to reconfigure it. Connect to the Twine wi-fi network and go to
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