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Time Based Rules

It seems like an obvious omission from the Twine feature set, but it would be very useful to have time based rules.  Basically rules where one of the criteria for triggering is time of day.  For example, I might have Twine set to alert me to vibrations, but I only want to be alerted during the hours I'm at home.  I would like to be able to set up the rule so that it only triggers between the hours of 5pm and 11 pm.

I realize that Twine doesn't contain a clock internally, but it appears that the rules are processed on the SuperMechanical servers which would be able to take into account the time the rule was triggered.  There would need to be a way for users to enter their Twine's local time zone into their accounts, but once this is done, time based rules should be pretty straight forward I would think.

Thanks for your consideration of this request.



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  • Actually, it would be an improvement if I could just macro in the UTC time like you currently do for switch state, [Switch open/closed].

    Something like [DateTimeUtcIso8601] or [DateUtc] and [TimeUtc].

    BTW, without this, I'm forced to run a server on my side as well just to add the date/time data.  If I just had the data, then I could construct a post message that I could parse and rather than sending posts to my server, I could send them to a publicly available url based data store directly from the rules.  This would mean my servers could be internal and I could just poll the url based data store.

    Thanks, Scott
  • This is definitely something that i would like to see!
  • Yes, I am stumped how to make a simple IFTTT to do this in the mean time - things like triggering movement only at night, triggering when the door is open during the day when we are not home, etc - are only practical if you can filter on the time of day.
  • Yes, I would like to check the temperatur of an place during afternoon (its important, that then the temperature ist between 4 an 0). but now it messages me the hole day and i know, that the temperature is above 4 at ... 12 oclock.
  • Yes please, silly me I bought this ASSUMING time-based rules would be an option... the problem I need to resolve is that my kids leave the garage door open at night sometimes.  Need to be alerted to that fact, but only if it's between 9pm and 6am.  So, naturally, time-based rules need to be in place for me too.
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