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SMS Text rules

Ok, I love the fact that the Twine will send a TXT when the temp in our aquaponics greenhouse falls below a setpoint I setup in the rules.

BUT.... The Twine sends a TXT like every second the unit is under the setpoint value. I got hundreds of TXT's before I Blocked it. This is un-usable and good thing I had unlimited Texting or I would have been screwed by the Twine.

Can we fix it so it only sends ONE text when the setpoint valu is met and One when the valu is back to the set point?



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  • That's not good. I'm watching this, and have made some tweaks already. A possible cause is that your temperature is fluctuating right around the value you set, and it's constantly crossing it. If you resave your rules you'll get an update that pads this - if you set it to trigger below 60 degrees, it won't reset until it hits 61. You can also use the reset value to prevent conditions from firing too often. (Yes, we need to write docs!)
  • WooHoo I found a Bug! Ok, the update is already ready to be uploaded?

  • Did not work, once the temp went below the setpoint, the twine would send a TXT every second until I blocked it.

    I updated the rule before I tested it and watched as it uploaded the rule and the twine LED flashed and went off.
  • Any update on this?

    I had the same thing happen to me...

    I set a rule for a notification once the temp dropped below 40 and got 150 emails before I was able to bring the Twine inside so it would stop sending them.....
  • We think the problem is in one of two spots. Made another small update - empty your browser cache and try again. If it still has the same behavior, then it's a bit deeper and David will have to dig into it.
  • I have the latest update on the firmware, but still no Joy. It seems that even a simple application for the TWINE just wont work. If the twine rules are set up and the temp drops below the setting the TWINE will send me a text non stop until I get my hands on it and reset the value or pull the power.

    Now I really dont have a use for it. I will go back to using the IO Bridge as at least the simple stuff works and I see updates every now and then.

    Deeply saddened, as the TWINE was a good idea, but the Guys just cant seem to get focused.
  • Still no updates and no feedback? Is Supermechanical still working on the Twine?

  • There was an update on Jan 18th (see topic titled Update 1/18/13).  For those whose only issues are the battery life and vibration, it looked like good news.  
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