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The last two days I've randomly had problems getting to the website to monitor my twine moisture sensor at my unoccupied condo.  Last night I noticed (when I could FINALLY get through to the website) that my twine was reporting WET.  I never received an email or text alert- probably because the website was down or unreachable at the time of the report.   I think supermechanical should at least be monitoring the condition of their web host and notify users when they have known outages or issues.   Thank goodness I'm checking the website every day or my water leak could have become a every expensive flood.  Twine saved me in this case - but I would have preferred to know via the instant text and email it sends rather than hours later when the website was again reachable.  
Added info, I tried to reach the website via 3 different ISP's - my home network on Comcast, my 4g data provider T-Mobile and also my other 4g provider Clear Networks.  None could reach the twine url or ping it.
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