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Using twine to measure outside temperature

The ability to check the outside temperature at my home from anywhere I am is great. A "wish list" item would be the ability to know the barometric pressure. That will be my first project when the breakout board is released.


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  • Relative humidity would be cool too. Then you'd have a portable weather station. Just be careful to shelter it from rain and condensation!
  • I've set up high and low alerts so that I can turn off or on my whole house fan. It should be better if I could specify that the alert only be triggered if the them was rising or falling when a particular temp is reached. lets me do that, but of course I get the Austin weather station temp and not the one at my house.
  • Robert, that's actually what it does. As y'all give us feedback, we'll be fine-tuning the language, but you can think of "is above" and "is below" as "rises above" and "falls below".
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