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Does email in rules work at all?

I just received a twine as a Christmas gift from my wife and I've set a few rules on it to test how it works. However, they don't seem to be working.

One is set to send me an email when the temperature passed a threshold.
The other was set to email me when the twine changed to have it's top facing up.

Both of these events occurred (and I eventually saw the change in the web interface), but I never have received an email. I checked my spam folders and nothing there.

Do rules work at all? Does email in rules work?


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  • Hi Richard

    I had the same problem. It was solved by emailing support and requesting a firmware upgrade. Are you on firmware Nov 15? (To check this just hover the mouse over the name of your twine - above the rules link - it should pop up a firmware version).

    Since updating, both orientation & temp have worked flawlessly for me via email.
  • My firmware says October 3rd.

    Do you have the support email address? When I go to the support link ( all it has is a link to these forums and the knowledge base. And it lists support hours, which isn't very useful to know when there isn't a way listed to contact support.

    Supermechanical should send them out with the latest firmware or autoupdate them during setup.
  • Richard,

    email them at :

    ask for nov 15 firmware update.

    It took about 12 hours or so for mine to update, other on here have indicated 24 hours. You should get an email reply from support saying they will push you the update. It is automatic. Obviously you need to keep your device connected to your wifi.

    From other comments on these forums, I get the impression they are working on a new firmware update, and I would expect that will be pushed across to all devices when its ready. I don't know why they haven't pushed the Nov update, as it seems to fix the issues you, I and others are/were having... but then I don't work for them!

    Hopefully you will be happy with the update, as it should fix everything. Once I received it, I had no more issues with the device. I am so impressed with it, I am thinking of buying a second one.

    Good luck

  • Troy - Thanks, I got in touch with support. They got me the Nov firmware, but I'm still not having luck with the notifications. (Although the Twine emailed me just fine to tell me it's batteries are running low after only 3 days)
  • Richard,

    The only other thing I have operating is a rule which advises me if the temp exceeds 104F - so far it hasn't, but I wonder if this rule is keeping the twine updated?? Whenever I go to the twine server page, it indicates it last heard from my twine usually sometime in the last couple of minutes.

    I have also noticed that if there is a rapid change in status then I may only receive an email for the last change. (I have mine on my garage door and it alerts me when the door opens or closes - if I open the door and then immediately close it, I sometimes only receive the email for close; being the last state the orientation sensor was in).

    Other than that, I am afraid I have no other ideas.

  • I'm assuming you've checked your spam/junk mail folder? The shortness of the messages usually sent, and the non-personal nature of the sender tends to cause it to get dumped there, both by gmail and hotmail/outlook.
  • not working for me ever....... triggering mail just does not work. I am on v1.2.

    I have exchanged at least 10 emails with support and this this just does not work.

    Performing my last tests this weekend before asking for my money back.

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    Well, I managed to make it work.

    After insulting the twine, slamming it to the table, stepping over it with wet started crying and sending emails.

    I have to say that taking the batteries off, wait for a few minutes, connect to external power and batteries again might just have been the push  it needed.

    After nearly 40 years in IT how could I have just not tried switch off and the on. Its probably Alzheimer...

    works now poor chap after so much torture.

  • they are working for me...
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