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Breakout Board Sensor List

So I'm looking at the breakout board and have seen the instructions, but where do I find sensors that connect to it?

If you know the sensor/link/info that we can use, please post it. If you have additional help or instructions, please posts.

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  • Until the breakout board firmware is capable of measuring analog information, you are stuck with attaching things that are electrically "open" (infinite resistance) or "closed" (short circuit). These include magnetic window/door switches, manual on/off switches and relays, etc. Some simple photo cells will also work in place of a switch, showing closed when a light is shining on them, or open when the light is not sufficient to activate them. If you have an old thermostat that closes when the temperature goes below a certain setting you can make a sensor to place in a freezer or outdoors in the winter. Try making your own moisture sensor with two bare wires connected to the breakout sensor.

    Don't be afraid to experiment.


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