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How many rules can I create for one Twine?

Since the Twine doesn't support change in temperature, but only rises above and below.

So to measure temperature I need to setup each temperature from -20C to 30C which amounts to 50 rises above/fall below rules. So I need 100 rules. My finger got a bit tired after setting up 6 rules - so I wonder if there are a maximum amount of rules I can set up.

It would be annoying if the twine wouldn't accept the rules after I spent some hours setting they up.

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    I have one twine with 22 rules, and another with 23.  In the past I entered 50 rules, but once I took the time to compile it, successful, I came back to look later at it was truncated to 16 rules.  Now I add a couple rules at a time and then save to twine and then recheck.  I've re-entered too many times in the past and got frustrated.

    Sure would be nice to somehow save a ruleset so they can be backed up, re-installed on new Twines, or shared with other users. 


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