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HTTP request tutorial

I'm trying to create a script using Perl, that will notify when mag switch is open and then if my phone (using google latitude) is .5 km away from my house, notify me that door has been open. I already have a GEO module for perl that will take care of the location but I am not sure on how to setup a http request from twine to my script.

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  • That's awesome thanks for the help! Are you familiar with xcode? I need to write a bit of code that will GET the posted lets say [orientation] for your example off the data.php, how did you code this for your example?

    My xcode app so far is a video recorded, and I want when mag switch is open and GeoLocation is out of .5km radius start recording from webcam.
  • Sorry, I don't know Xcode. I was using an Arduino to act on the GET reponse. I just parsed the response string for whatever was inside the brackets, then performed an action (if needed). It should be pretty straightforward to do that in Xcode as well.

  • I published a script python that lets you access Twine (the twine the website that is) at 
    I think you can easily make a perl script based on it to poll your data.
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