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Twine wants us to be able to pay to get SMS Texts!

Here is a section from the email I was sent just recently - 

As a Twine owner who's had problems getting their carrier to accept text messages from Twine, I wanted to let you know that we’ve developed an alternative. Previously, we were using the email-to-SMS gateway that carriers usually provide, but while free, it's proven unreliable.

We strive to make Twine’s experience as good as it can be, so we've added paid accounts in order to purchase "real" SMS (and voice calls that let your Twine speak what you type as a notification) which will work reliably with all carriers!

Learn more about the paid account upgrade at: - it's pay-as-you-go, but if you aren't happy with it after trying it, we'll give you a refund for the account. Just let us know within the first month. Bonus: All texts and calls will come from the same number now, so you can save your Twine as a contact!

If the free SMSs are working for you, you'll still be able to send them using the email-based method (you'll just set it up in an email notification).

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    Are Supermechanical having a joke?!!

    I bought the Twine because one of the factors was that it could send me texts to update me on its status but now to get this 'basic' functionality I have to pay for the priviledge?!

    I'm sorry but thats not happening I appreciate Twine have had issues with various providers but they should have thought of that when they started developing the Twine, not break this news to us after we have bought it.

    And its not just little providers, I am with Everything Everywhere (EE an amalgamation of Orange and T-Mobile) and it is one of the biggest providers here in the UK.

    Therefore Twine should be working with them to set up free text messaging.

    I am really annoyed as the vibration sensing took long enough when originally it was going to be out of the box and also with the integration with the Pebble Smartwatch, where are the updates on the? I have the Pebble Watch but there has been no mention for a long time.

    I have been very patient as I understand how Kickstarter projects work but quite frankly this is a joke.

    Also to make it more of a joke the link in the email doesn't even work, Supermechanical, did you not check this before you sent the email out.

    I now want to know how I can go about returning my Twine for a refund because it is not fit for purpose.

    I would be interested to hear thoughts from others about this.
  • I firmly believe they are considering pay for view. to charge for Internet connections but only after there is a large customer base. keep watching hope I'm wrong
  • We're not considering making uses pay to use our website.

    We relied on carriers' word for supporting the email gateway SMS method, and the fact that it worked inconsistently for some people wasn't acceptable. So we've invested time into improving this, and now Twine will be able to send text messages to virtually any number. Unfortunately, it costs us money, so we're making this a paid option for Twine. 
    Believe me, this isn't a money grab. Unlike many startups, we aren't funded and have to cover our costs. After the man-hours we put into it, we'll be happy if a few bucks a month covers our costs, but we knew we had to do something for those that SMS wasn't working for. If we make any money, that goes back into making things better, quicker.

    We're not taking away anything from users. If the email to SMS gateway method works for you, you can set it up as an email rule.
  • folks you need to do your homework. T-Mobile in the UK shutdown their email to SMS gateway so I wasn't able to use that method. Supermechanical isn't to blame for that or any other carrier in the world doing the same.

  • What Chris said. Supermechanical is not on a mad money grab. They are adapting to the changing landscape. For me, email to SMS works great.
  • As noted in other posts, an IFTTT channel would solve some of those problems. IFTTT calls me and sends texts for free and I never bought a thing from them. I really think that should happen soon.
  • Any idea on support for pebble, now that I finally have it. It would be great to here about this feature in a update?
  • Why do you need direct text from Twine anyway?  I just use my cell phone email address and enter it as an email address to send to and it comes in as a text message on my phone.   Every cell phone vendor has an email to text url for your phone #.
  • You don't need SMS!!!   For crying out loud, every phone vendor has an email to text message address for your phone.  Just use that. Example on T-Mobile:
  • The ONLY reason I purchased this battery sucking POS is to send sms!  Now you tell me I have to pay more??

    Yeah you can KEEP your little green hard to use rubber wrapped piece or junk!

    Here I come ebay.  what a JOKE!
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