Anyone have 1 or more of the external sensors?
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to determine the feasibility of building my own external sensors. This thread gives the pinouts of the 3.5mm jack:

    Sleeve 1 gives the ID of the external sensor. I imagine that it is just a resistor value. If you have a multimeter and a sensor could you please measure and post your findings here?

    The ID is probably measured against 3.3V (tip) or GND (ring 1) as shown in this diagram:

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  • Here's more information:

    Connect the Twine breakout board to your Twine's external sensor port and instantly get the ability to measure anything with your own analog or digital input. Each breakout board has a unique ID so your sensor's name and settings are remembered for the next time you plug it in. It has holes for mounting and easy-to-use terminals for signal, 3.3V power and ground.
  • I believe their is a chip with a unique id on each of the sensors so the twine can identify the sensor. This is also needed as one may have multiple breakout boards with different configurations and twine knows which is which once configured. I think this was in one of their posts about the breakout boards at kickstarter.

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