If Twine does not report in for 24 hours, send me a text
  • The amount of time should be settable, but the idea is that I don't have to check my twines to make sure they are on my network or otherwise functioning. They will tell me if there is an issue.

    (Edit: text alert vs. email alert should obviously be user settable as well)
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  • This is a great idea. I suggest that this should be part of the Twine failsafe mode. If it is not heard from in a certain amount of time or if the sensor is not working (someone has cut it), the owner should be alerted in case someone has broken it or cut the sensor cord.
  • +1 but could be part of adding time-based rules as opposed to just threshold-based
  • I agree, the 'I'm alive' monitor makes a lot of sense. This could be combined with a weekly/daily/hourly status reporting feature, all user configured. Lot's of opportunity to improve functionality in this area.
  • A heartbeat watchdog is very important when monitoring things that are "mission critical".
  • +1 on this. Devices that are normally quiet should have the ability to do a heartbeat, otherwise they instill a false sense of "all systems normal" which is worse than not having a monitor at all.
  • +1 I sent an email asking for something like this, so I know if power or internet went out while I was away. They told me it was on "the list".
  • They would have to make it user settable, not automatic. Otherwise they'ed be sending out alerts to all the Twines that are deliberately off (i.e. owners removing batteries, etc.).

    Regards - Don
  • +1  John Todd (above) has summarized the problem well.  No news may indeed be bad news.
  • Need this feature (heartbeat).  Should be definable in terms of how long offline before the notification triggers to account for varying levels of importance users may have.

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