confused orientation
  • My twine has confused itself re it's orientation.When logged on the image shown in orientation is correct but the description (i.e. top, front, left etc.) sees front facing up as "top", top facing up as" back" etc.
    i've taken out the batteries to no avail, anyone got this problem?
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  • Is the case on correctly?
  • Thanks Don,yes, if I understand you correctly you mean have I slid the outer rubber on in the correct orientation.
    there is a hole in one corner of the unit which allows it to be screwed onto a door or wall.
    this hole is repeated in the rubber case and the holes align for me. I don't see any other way of fitting the cover with the holes lining up
  • John -

    Actually....(and I'm not admitting anything here.....) with enough, ah, force and lubricant, there _is_ one other way it will go on with the holes aligning up.
  • Who cares about a lousy 1/8". Rubber is supposed to be, um...stretchy...

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