Do twine developers read and respond in this forum?
  • Id like to know if twine developers read and maybe answer in this forum- I read many cool suggestions and bug reports here here and ask myself if they reach the twine staff...
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  • The community discussions are mainly between twine users, although once in a while the support guys speak up. I kind of hope they're spending more time working on problems than reading the discussions.

    If you want to report a problem, it's best to do it in the support discussions at You can get there from the dashboard page.
  • How will they know about problems to work on without reading about them H-E-R-E?
  • Bill's correct - if you have an issue come see us at the help site, but we do try to keep up with what's going on here. We're chomping at the bit to work on feature requests after we clamp down on the bigger bugs.
  • @mark - This is the community forum not the support forum. I expect the person with the issue would work with support and relay information back to the community. That's what I do.

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