How does fast mode work?
  • In this post Ellis Golub asked: "If the dashboard button says Slow, does that mean its in fast mode, and pushing the button will convert it to slow mode?"

    I, too, would like to know more about how  the dashboard button works, and also, just how long does fast mode last exactly? When I set it to fast mode, after a period of time the slider goes back to "slow".

    The firmware update description says, "To put your Twine in fast mode, click on the “fast/slow” switch at the bottom of the Twine’s dashboard.  You’ll be prompted to flip your Twine bottom side up, and then you’ll be in fast mode (once Twine is in fast mode, you can flip it back over)." Is there any disadvantage to leaving it bottom side up?
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  • I just re-read the "HOW TO: LAUNDRY" post and got an answer to one of my questions: fast mode lasts for one minute.
  • Here is the "HOW TO: LAUNDRY" post that Todd mentioned:

    I wish they would change that slider/button UI, it is the most confusing thing in the application.
  • Also, what determines when the dashboard icon
    bounces? If it is bouncing, does this mean it is in fast mode even if the slider says "slow"?

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