Help bell for sick child
  • My daughter is unfortunately ill with the flu. While wishing I had a little bell for her to ring like I had as a kid I realized I had my TWINE. Thus I set up a shake notification to txt me if she needs anything during the night without having to get up and find mom & dad. Hopefully she is well enough tonight so she won't need it, but if she does, I'm hoping the TWINE comes through for us. Also, this is my first practical use of my TWINE, so we'll see how it works.
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  • You might get a more reliable response if you set the "rule" up to work on the position of the Twine unit.  Your daughter could turn the unit over to the "upside-down" position, as an example, when she wants you to respond.  You would return it to the normal "right-side-up" position when responding to her call.

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