Adding an external temperature sensor
  • Hi

    I know so far the external sensors can be only on/off (which is a shame) but i'm wondering is there a way to externalize the existing internal temperature sensor or ultimately add a new one by hacking directly the board.

    the place i wan't to use my twine is not covered by WiFi so i need an extension!



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  • Jeremie, we obviously don't recommend hacking the board directly. An external temperature sensor is in the works.
  • The external temperatue sensor is available now. I think the price is a bit high and I don't need it to be water proof and stuff. Anyone know what type of sensor they used? My guess is that's some sort of standard component.
  • I'm ordering on of these. I'll let you guys know if I can make it work with Twine.
  • Connecting a DS18B20 does not seem to work. The sensor works on a raspberry pi but not on twine. I think the twine in programmed only to accept known serial numbers.
    If the supermechanical guys would open up twine to developers........
  • Well they haven't even got simple texting working yet,  external sensors will be years away if at all.

     My 84 year old Dad can text me but MIT grads cannot accomplish the simple task.

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