Any new "actions" being planned?
  • I know some may ask, "what more do you need?" but before I commit my meager resources I would like to know if there are any new "actions" other than LED, email, Twitter, text message, phone call (very cool by the way) and HTTP request ?

    thank you very much
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  • Since you're asking, I would love an IFTTT channel!
  • Still waiting for someone or wasn't supermechanical going to release an app for pebble. We now have 2.0 release of pebble so surely it is about time you guys have something by now???
  • There will be new actions in the future! Pebble notifications are coming next (we're waiting on a few things from Pebble before we can release it). 

    What else would you be interested in?
  • IFTTT would be excellent!
    it's the software that will rule this space as sensors get cheaper and cheaper.
    SPOOL or IFTTT or whatever/whomever takes the "smarts" to a standard.  I'm voting for the kids from Austin...

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