What url's does twine need access to. A bit more info about how it works..?
  • Hello, in order to get the network manager to allow our twine access to the internet he needs to know what ports etc it uses (found that in another help topic) and also what urls it's communicating with. I'm finding it hard to get this information, and couldn't see any info on the web.

    When setting up the device, it's talking directly to my machine, so that's fine.

    1) When I'm programming it (adding twines to the device) it seems to be blocked ( starts fine then disappears) so I'm guessing it needs access to twine.cc, right? Or is the client code communicating directly to the twine over the network rather than the internet?
    EDIT: See from someone else's post that it goes via the internet for this bit so I'll need to give it access to twine.cc for sure)

    2) Further more once the twine is programmed up is it then independent of twine.cc posting directly to twitter.com or does it send things to twine.cc where the request is processed (eg the tweet is changed slightly to avoid repetition.. I'm guessing that doesn't happen on the device or does it?)

    Any help you can provide about what domains it accesses would be great!

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