Using Google Analytics with Twine HTTP get/post
  • Hi, I have just taken delivery of my first Twines (and love the simplicity of setup!)

    One of the things I am attempting is event recording. As an example, if I attach a Twine to a door I can use the vibration sensor to detect each time the door is opened. I want to record and subsequently visualise that data showing current and historical activity (ie: how many times was the door opened last week). I could create a web page and database that will handle all of this but it occurred to me that Google Analytics has all of this already covered. By simply issuing a GET request to a web page that I have control of I would then like to see that event appear in my Google Analytics. I tried it out but I am guessing that Google doesn't record or display the event as it regards the request from the Twine device to be a spider/bot.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on whether it is possible to change this?  
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  • I'm also looking to accomplish the same thing. Google Analytics works through JS AJAX calls, so a regular GET request wouldn't work. I know there are custom actions in Google Analytics though, perhaps there is a RESTful API for them as well?

    In the question, he posts a link to this nice alternative analytics service called It look pretty promising. There's also listed.
  • hello,

    I received my Twine in France today. I really appreciated the ease of putting it into service. I wish I could make statistics such as the number of door opening automatically updated. Is there a simple and efficient without being a champion programming solution?

    Thank you all for your advice ...

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