Feature to be able to set web update interval
  • Along the lines of other requests in the forum to "send a text every xx minutes", I'm asking for an easier feature to implement.   I run my Twine on USB power in an un-occupied condo.  Because I'm not worried about power or wifi usage, when in "external power mode", I'd like to be able to define the web site update interval in minutes from [1 to 60].  Of course, this is un-related to immediate notification of rules triggering - this is simply for the purpose of updating the data for the web page dashboard.  Sometimes I look at it and it's been 75 minutes since last update.  There's absolutely no reason for it to be that long an interval when I'm on external power.
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  • I guess Supermechanical doesn't even monitor their own community forums.  Maybe I should just give up on this product?

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