I have Twines in Two locations. All are listed in the dashboard as "Hasn't been heard from."
  • Is anyone else having problems with Twines updating the Twine Dashboard?

    Because my Twines are at two very separate locations, I tend to think it is a server issue on Supermechanical's side. But if other people are up and running, I will have to come up with another theory.

    [Edit] Based on the discussion below on "Twine won't connect or go into setup mode," it looks like I am not alone. I went ahead and sent a Tweet and created a support case. 
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  • You are not alone. There is another thread here where numerous users are reporting the same problem. (as am I)
  • I appear to be back up and running as of 11:23 AM Pacific time, 8/18/14.
  • This was a twine.cc outage - refer to the latest entries in this thread

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