Twine for Sale with MagSwitch (best offer)
  • I was an early adopter of twine, bought one while at work, set it up in my office, and then completely forgot about it.  I moved on from my previous company and was just cleaning out some old boxes and found it!  Unfortunately Ive moved on, so I'd love to sell it.  

    I have the magswitch as well which will be included, but lost the small magnet that goes with it (simple to replace).  
    I do not have any of the original packaging.
    Will ship USPS Priority included to US/Canada, anywhere else I'll add on shipping.

    Best offer before 2/13 gets it.  I am willing to accept interesting barters (anything related to rasperry pi, insteon, or sonos preferred)


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  • scott still have the unit?

    steve stofiel

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