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Jay Martin


Jay Martin
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  • I was anxiously awaiting a reply to this - I've been asking ever since the Twine shipped. Guess nothing's changed - the answer is no.
    in API Comment by Jay Martin February 2014
  • Hey guys - 5 months since my last post. Any update on an API?
    in API Comment by Jay Martin March 2013
  • Just a follow up: I intentionally raised the temp in the room by a couple of degrees. The twine is staying about 2°-3° cooler than the other sensors. I wonder if perhaps there's a calibration issue?
  • I just noticed the same thing. I have 4 different things sitting on my desk right now measuring temperature: Oregon Scientific THN132N - 78.8° Oregon Scientific THGR122NX - 78.4° Smarthome INSTEON Wireless Thermostat (2441ZTH) - 80° Twine - 75° I …
  • I couldn't really decide whether to accept or reject the answer - the first sentence I suppose answers the question, but the last question seemed to be a proposal for a workaround but I don't think it's a practical workaround. If you want to change…
    in API Comment by Jay Martin October 2012
  • Yep, and that's great, but limited to only when one of the rules fires. The rule definitions don't allow you to fire whenever a temperature changes regardless of the value (which seems like a really good "when temperature" rule: "when temperature ch…
    in API Comment by Jay Martin October 2012
  • +1. Extra credit if you can make it repeat more frequently (every X minutes).
  • After playing around with mine for a bit today, it doesn't look possible given the current tools to get the temp/direction into Indigo whenever it changes. At least, not without creating a rule for every possible temperature. I suppose it would be p…
    in API Comment by Jay Martin October 2012

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